Toilet Day 2015

On Toilet Day, Water For People joined forces to celebrate in a meaningful way in Uganda
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The day started with a Water For People-Uganda team plus Water For People Africa-Asia Regional Program Officer Laura Burns, having a go at assembling our innovative pit emptying device, the « Gulper II » without any instructions, under the hilarious eyes of its « Team Poo » makers.

Two « new models » of Gulper II were therefore created. Since they unfortunately proved to be less efficient than the original (for instance they had a handle that desperately needed connection to the pump), the new Gulper II manual was finally presented to the builders and the functioning version put together. As you will see, it was an amazing team building exercise!

The team then moved to the suburbs of Kampala with Forever Sanitation Ltd to empty the full pit latrine (very full indeed) of a household that had been trying to save money to pay for the service but hadn’t made it yet. Water For People-Uganda took the bill, and the family is now happy that they have plenty of time to save before the pit needs emptying again.

Many thanks to the Water For People and Forever Sanitation Ltd teams who contributed to make our Uganda Toilet Day a fun, useful and meaningful one!

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